Angelita D. Sabado

 Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Angelita D. Sabado is 37 years old. She is married with 2 sons( 17 ,14)(4/4 siblings). Her husband is a farmer. She wants to work in HK to have better income for her family.

She took a 1 year vocational course in Cosmetology. She speaks English well.

Jan 2018 - July 2018: She worked in HK for 6 months for a working couple with no kids. Her duties mainly consisted of household chores such as house cleaning, washing, ironing, marketing, car washing, and cooking. Her madam physically abuse her and terminated her in the end.

2012-2014: she worked in Malaysia as a helper caring for an 84 year old woman. She assisted her in walking, gave her bath, fed her. She also did house cleaning, cooking, ironing, washing. She finished her contract.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend in HK