Annalyn V. Alvarado

 Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Annalyn Alvarado is a 39 y.o. married mother of 3 kids: 20, 14, 8 y.o. Her parents are taking care of her kids so that she can work in Manila. She wants in HK because the salary is will help support her children. She is 1/6 kids. 

She completed 2 years of university and speaks English well.

Jan 2018 - present: She works as a saleslady in a RTW dress store in a small shopping mall. 

Dec 2015 - July 2017: She worked in Kuwait as a domestic helper for a couple with 2 kids: 5, 4 y.o. Her duties included getting the kids ready for school, prepared breakfast for the family. She also did the cleaning, laundry, and ironing. She took the kids to school every day. When she finished at her madam's house, she went to her sister's home everyday.  She had no day off. She resigned when her employer didn't pay her for 4 months in a row. She was the only helper for this family. 

Rel: Catholic
Ref: Friend
Pets: OK
Newborn: her sister's child in Palawan for 1 month. She assisted her sister. Also her own children