Carolina M. Casciano


Carolina Casciano is 44 years old. She is married with 6 kids ( 20,17,15,12,10,7)( 1 /4 siblings ). Her husband is a farmer. Her mother and husband will care for the younger kids when she comes to HK.

She took 2 year college course in Communication. She speaks English well.

3/2015-3/2018, she worked in Saudi Arabia as a helper. She cared for elderly woman who was 100 year old. She fed her food and medicine, cleaning and grooming her, changed her diaper and clothes, assisted her in bathroom. The employer passed away and she went back to Philippines.

Before Saudi, she was a full time mother caring her own 6 kids since birth. She breast fed her kids, play with them. Her husband also assisted her on childcare.

Rel: Catholic


Ref: friend in HK for 6 yrs