Imelda Valentino (finishes contract Jan 2019)


Imelda Valentino is a 52 y.o. single woman who wants to continue working in HK to save money to start a business and to support her business.

She completed 2 years of univ studies and speaks English well.

Feb 2007 - present: She has been working in Hong Kong (Lok Fu) caring for a 80 y.o. elderly grandmother who lived with her two adult sons. Her duties included taking her to dress, go out to exercise and breakfast. She cooked lunch and dinner for her. She suffered from diabetes and hypertension. She went the clinic every 3 months. She did the housework, laundry, ironing, and prepared dinner for everyone. The elderly woman passed away in Nov 2018, but the family is keeping her on so that she find another employer. She has already had home leave and is ready to work for another family as soon as granted a visa.

July 2002 - July 2006: She worked for Chinese working couple with 2 girls: 4, 7 y.o. Her duties were childcare, housework, laundry, ironing, marketing and cooking. She finished 2 contracts then went to work for her employer's mother in law.

1997 - 2000: She worked in Taiwan as a domestic helper for working Taiwanese couple with a 7 y.o. boy. Her duties focused on childcare, housework, laundry, and ironing. The madam did the marketing and cooking. Her focus was childcare. She finished her contract. 1994 -1996: She worked in Malaysia for a Chinese couple with 2 kids: 3, 5 y.o. Her duties childcare, housework, laundry, ironing, and cooking. The youngest went to the aunties' house daily. No pets or cars. She finished her contract. Rel: Christian Ref: MJ Pets: no Newborns: no Imelda would like her own room and Sunday's off. She is able to start work as soon as she has a visa. Her employer is very supportive and willing to talk to interested parties.

Reference letter for Imelda

Reference letter for Imelda