Janith G. Giltendez

Janith G. Giltendez.jpg

Janith Giltendez is a 40 y.o. single woman with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. She is 5/6 siblings. She wants to work in HK to save for her future and to help her niece finish her studies.

She is a univ grad with a BS in Customs Administration. She speaks English well.

Since returning from Singapore she has been operating a small beauty salon out of her home in the province.

Oct 2013 - Dec 26, 2014: She worked in Singapore as a domestic helper for a working couple with 2 kids: 17, 19 y.o. Her duties included housework, laundry, ironing, cooking, gardening, washing 3 cars and caring for one small dog. She frequently cooked Chicken Curry, steamed fish and vegetables. Her grandmother, who helped raise her, fell ill, and Janith resigned her post early to be with her grandmother before she passed away in Jan 2015.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2013: She worked in Saudi Arabia for a working couple and 4 boys: 4 y.o. twins, 8, 12 y.o. Her duties included cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, feeding the twins. She was the only helper and finished her contract.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend in HK
Pets: dogs
Newborn: She has helped 2 of her sisters care for their newborn babies when she lived with her sisters.