Jennelyn Sarmeinto

 Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Jennelyn Sarmeinto is 33 years old. She is a single lady. (She is 2/5 siblings). She wants to come to HK to earn money for her family and for herself.

She is high school graduate and speaks above average English.

3/2016-4/2018: she worked in Saudi Arabia as a helper. There were 2 adults, and 2 kids (8 months bb + 3 y.o.). The Sir was a stay home husband. Her main duties were feeding the kids, play with them, caring for them. She worked from 6am to 6pm. She also did cleaning, and cooked Arabic foods. She finished the contract.

Before Saudi Arabia, she worked at Electronics company in Philippines for 4 years.

Rel: RC
ref: friend in HK for 6 yrs
Newborn: Saudi