Josefee A. Lawa

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Josefee Lawa is 35 years old single mother with 1 son ( 13 yr )(1/8 siblings ). Her parents will care for her son when she work in HK.

She is a High school graudate and speaks English well.

3/2016- 3/2017, she worked in Dubai as a helper. There were 2 adults both work and 2 kids(12 yr old - special needs and 5 yr ) . She did cleaning, washing , car washing 4 cars , cooking Arabic foods, gardening. Employer moved to Canada .

Before Dubai, she was a local nanny to newborn bb for 8 years. After she came back from Dubai, she continued to work for the same employer in Philippines. She changed the bb’s diaper, fed her, gave her bath. She also cared for 1 rabbit and 1 dog.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friends in HK 15 yrs