Kristelyn Agustin


Kristelyn Agustin is a 30 y.o. single woman who wants to work in HK to help support her family. She is 2/4 sisters in her family.

She completed a 2 year course in midwifery. She speaks English well.

2016-2017: She worked as admin staff in a local government unit. She also served in the municipal health center. She took vitals, gave injections, etc.

2014- 2015: She worked as a pharmacy assistant.

After returning from Egypt she stayed home for a year and cared for her nephews and nieces.

April 2010 - Oct 2013: She worked in Cairo Egypt as a domestic helper for a family of 7 adults. She was the only helper for this family and focused on taking care of the 80 y.o. grandmother. She could not walk by herself, feed herself, or bath without assistance. She also did the housework, cooking, cared for 2 dogs, and did the laundry. She finished her contract and extended an extra year.

Ref.: Sister is Arrow lady
Rel: RC
Pets: dogs
Newborn: during training she did practicum in local hospital neonatal unit.