Michelle Padsing


Michelle Padsing is a 26 y.o. single woman (3/8 sibs) who wants to work in HK to earn a good income to help her siblings who are still studying.

She completed a 2 year degree in Office Management and speaks English well.

Oct 2015 - Jan 2018: She worked in Jordan (Middle East) as a domestic helper for a working couple with 3 kids: 11, 9, 5 y.o. Her duties focused on childcare, housework, laundry, ironing, carwash, and cooking one meal a day. She finished her contract and was the only helper.

"I have experienced in taking care of new born my daily duties are feeding the baby, change the diaper, give her a bath.. I have also experience in taking care of elderly by my own grandmother i feed her, assist her in the hospital."

During High School she had a part-time job as a housemaid. Her employer had a newborn baby and Michelle helped out with the baby some of the time.

This year she helped care for her grandmother until she passed away in May 2018.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend
Pets: ok
Newborn: ok