Racquel U. Peralta

 Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Racquel U. Peralta is 29 year old single lady. ( 3/5 siblings). She wants to work in HK to build a house in Philippines.

She is college graduate in Computer Programming. She speaks English well.

2016-2018, she was a local helper in Philippines, caring for one child (5 yr). She took her to school, play with her, read books with her. She also did house cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing.

2014-2015, she worked in Kuwait as a helper. There were 2 adults and 2 kids ( 9 and 6). Madam is stay home wife. She did the cleaning, ironing, washing. She resigned due to no day off and low salary.

Ref: friend in PI, aunt in HK for 2 yrs, friend in HK for 6 yrs