Rovilyn Cenal


Rovilyn Cenal is 38 years old. She is married with 2 kids ( g: 19, 10)(1/4 siblings).Her husband is a driver. She wants to work in HK to have a higher income to support her family's financial needs. Her mother and husband will care for her kids when she comes to HK.

She took 2 year vocational course in Computer Technology. She speaks English well.

12/2017-3/2018, she worked in Singapore as DH. There were 2 adults and 2 kids (g:4 , b:7). The family is vegetarian. She did cleaning, laundry, cooking vegetarian foods. She resigned due to the employer was not following the contract agreement and not providing her food.

2001-2017, she was a full time mother caring her 2 kids. She cared them when they were newborn.

1995-2001, she worked as a local helper to a Chinese Filipino family. She mainly cared for 9 month old bb. She also did cleaning, laundry, gardening, ironing.

Rel:7 Day Adventist
Ref: friend in HK for 8 yrs