Vilma Sunpongco


Vilma Sunpongco is 32 years old. She is separated with her husband. She has 2 kids ( g: 10 and 13)(2/7 siblings). She wants to work in HK to support her kids' education and parents. Her parents will care for her kids when she works in HK.

She is high school graduate and she speaks above average English.

2017, she worked at Korean restaurant for 3 months as a waitress and dishwasher.

2015-2017, she worked in Saudi Arabia as DH. There were 2 adults, 3 kids (10,11,3). She did cleaning, childcare, ironing. She finished her contract and went back to Philippines.

Before Saudi Arabia, she was a full time mother caring for her 2 kids since newborn. 

Ref: friend in HK for 4 years.