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Why should you hire a helper through Arrow?


Hiring helpers is expensive and stressful. It involves hours of interviews, paperwork, and paying of fees -- and often within a few months you  hear these words: "SIR, MA'AM I WANT TO GO HOME."  The reason given usually has to do with "Family Problems" back home, but the truth is they are UNHAPPY in their work situation.  Because you don't know the real reasons that lead to early termination it is easy to get locked into a vicious cycle of "hire - resign - repeat".

That costs you a lot of money! At Arrow we have established a system designed to reduce turnover of helpers. Customers who follow our guidelines and make full use of our services have far fewer adjustment problems and terminations than those who don't.


Because we follow the zero-placement policy and have a strong reputation in the Filipino community, Arrow has a good selection of well qualified applicants. Domestic helpers research agencies online and ask their friends for advice when applying. Over and over again they are told "Apply with Arrow!" As a result we have a lot of applicants with experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Middle East.


Arrow has full time staff whose ONLY responsibility is customer service and education. We provide training classes for both helpers and employers with the goal of helping you keep a helper for the full 2 year contract.