Interview qualified applicants

If you are clear about what you want to ask and confident in your ability to do the interview yourself, then you can interview from the comfort of your own home using Skype™.  If you would like our assistance in asking questions and evaluating the responses of the candidates then please schedule an appointment to interview them from our office. If you find a suitable helper you can immediately complete the paperwork and we'll start your application. 

Set up and use Skype

Go to and download the program. Install it on your computer and if you are a first time user, set up an account on skype or you may  log in with a microsoft account if you have one. After that add "arrowinterview" as a new contact. We'll make sure you get connected to the applicants you wish to interview. 

Choose candidates to interview

Choose 2-4 applicants to interview.  Study our online bios.  Focus on applicants that seem like a good fit for your family. Arrow applicants get hired quickly, so it is always good to have a couple of standby choices. If you need our help, our staff will recommend some ladies who might be a good fit for you. 

 Conduct the interview

PREP: Before asking them questions, ask yourself some key questions:

  • Why do I want to hire a helper? What is the “main thing” you want your helper to do well? Childcare? Cooking? Cleaning? Eldercare? Petcare? List your priorities .. 1,2,3.
  •  What things might indicate strength in those areas? If you are looking for a good cook, you probably want to ask questions like “How do prepare “Kung Pao Chicken” or “Steamed fish”? “What are the ingredients for a really good Chicken Adobo?”  If you are hiring someone to care for young children, you might ask them to tell you a children’s story or describe how to give a newborn a bath. 
  • Write down questions you wish to ask. Use open ended questions like “how would you...?” or “what would you do IF ….”. Avoid “yes/no” questions like “Can you cook?” Instead use a question like? “What is your favorite dish? Teach me how to prepare it?”
  • What is my personality type? (quiet, outgoing, picky, easy going?) What kind of personality types make me crazy? 


  • For most of our customers and helpers, English is their 2nd language, so you should expect some misunderstandings and sometimes 牛頭答馬嘴. Speak slowly and ask the helper to speak slowly. If she starts to answer a question you did not ask, stop her and repeat the question.
  • Remember that the helper is very nervous and may have a "brain freeze". Be friendly, introduce yourself and your family situation;  they will gradually  relax. Ask them if they feel nervous, then tell you do too.  Here are some sample questions to help you get started. 
  • Take notes: Write down you thoughts and feelings to discuss with the agency trainer or staff.

Ask the trainer for feedback

Discuss the applicants with the agency staff or trainer. At Arrow we often tell customers “I’m so sorry, but that lady doesn’t really like small children” or “she is really shy”, or “she is a great cook”.  Our trainer has spent time with the candidates and can help validate your observations gathered during the interview. 

Discuss with relevant family members if needed.

 Discuss the decision with your family. If you know one member of the family is VIP (Very Influencial Person) then gain their blessing first. 

Decide which candidate to hire

Good helpers get hired very quickly, so don’t put off making a decision.  Remember: they aren't just working for you, they are living WITH you. Listen to your intuition and then decide. Once you decide call us 2151-1125 or email us to schedule contract signing. AND, if things don’t work out perfectly, you have our assurance that we will work hard to help you resolve issues that arise during the employment period.