Arrow training is designed to help prepare helpers to cope with the pressure of living and working in Hong Kong as domestic workers.  Our training is conducted in a licensed training center in the Philippines where caring staff teach and supervise the trainees.  Training modules include infant care, Chinese cooking, cleaning, HK culture & work conditions, how to  operate modern appliances, and seminars on dealing with culture shock, and homesickness.  trainee is given a chance to practice what they learn. Our Trainer Nely worked in HK for more than 15 years, speaks Cantonese and understands what it takes to succeed in Hong Kong.

Although trainees work hard, the atmosphere is positive and many of our trainees make close friends and experience life transformation. One of our trainees said, "I'm so amazed, Arrow really cares about us." We train them well, because we want them to succeed and to serve you well.  We continue the training after they arrive in HK with 4 weeks of New Arrival Classes.