Annalyn Devesfruto

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Annalyn Devesfruto is a 29 y.o. single mother of a 2 y.o. boy. Her elder sister is already caring for her son in the province. She has 2 sisters and is 2/3 siblings. She wants to work in HK to support her son. As her son grows, so do the expenses.

She is a university graduate with a BS in Office Administration and speaks English well.

Jan 2017 - present: She has been a stay at home mother, caring for her son.

Aug 2015 - Jan 2017: She worked as an administrative assistant for a Maritime Services company in the Philippines. Her duties included as a receptionist and helping with admin, payroll, etc. She finished the contract. Her pregnancy was high risk so she resigned from her work and had bedrest until the birth of her son.

During high school and univ she worked as a helper for her uncle and auntie. She did their housework in exchange for them paying for her university. She helped her auntie care for her 3 cousins who were 10, 8, 5 y.o. She helped get them ready for school, assisted with homework, etc.

Pets: no
Newborn: her own child.