Arlene Mahinay

Arlene Mahinay is a 42 year old single woman with 4 sisters and 2 brothers. 4/7 siblings. She has been working in HK a long time already and wants to continue working.

She completed one year of practical nursing and speaks English well.

Nov 3, 2018 - Aug 31, 2019: She has been working in HK for a couple with 2 kids: 9 year old twins. Her duties include marketing, cooking, housework, laundry, and childcare. Her employer is leaving Hong Kong at the end of August and are releasing her due to relocation.

Sep 2016- Sep 2018: She worked in HK for a Chinese working couple with 2 kids: 1.5 y.o. and newborn baby girl. Her duties included infant care, childcare, marketing, cooking, housework and laundry. When the newborn was born, the family hired another helper to do most of the infant care. She finished her contract and did not renew because the job demanded 15 hours of work every day.

Dec 2014 - Jan 12, 2016: She worked in HK for a working couple with no kids. Her duties focused on cleaning, marketing and cooking. Arlene resigned because often when her madam misplaced something, she accused Arlene of taking things.

2002 - 2014: She worked in HK for a working couple with a 3 y.o. girl. Her duties were childcare, tutoring, housework, laundry, ironing, marketing, and cooking. She finished multiple contracts with them.

Pets: no
Newborn: in HK

Arlene is long time Arrow lady. She can take up a new post as soon as she has a visa.