Jerlyn Gonzaga

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Jerlyn Gonzaga is a 29 y.o. married mother of an 8 y.o. daughter. Her husband and his parents care for their daughter while Jerlyn works overseas. She wants to work in HK to earn a higher salary for her daughter's school. She has 7 brothers and 1 sister. She is 6/9 siblings.

She completed vocation training in information technology and speaks English well.

2017 - present: She is a full time housewife and mother.

2015- 2017: She worked as a house helper for a working couple with 3 kids: newborn, 6, 5 y.o. Her duties included infant care, childcare, housework, laundry, ironing, marketing and cooking. She finished her contract.

10/2013 - 12/2015: She worked in Kuwait for a family of 7: couple with 5 kids: 9,7,6,4 and newborn. Her duties included newborn care, housework, laundry, ironing, and cooking. Her main duties were childcare. There were 2 other helpers: cleaning, laundry, and cooking. She finished her contracts.

Pets: loves pets

Newborn: Philippines, Kuwait and own child.

Concorde: Davao

Gina Limalima


Gina Limalima is a 30 y.o. single woman with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She is the youngest of the family. She wants to work in HK to help her family financially and earn a good living for herself.

She is a university graduate with a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She speaks English well.

Jan 2017 - present: She is currently working for her sister, assisting her to take care of her 2 children: ages 9, 1.5 y.o. . Her sister is a full time teacher. She wakes up at 6, prepares breakfast, gets the older off to school, then bathes the younger child. She feeds the baby, and at 11 a.m. cooks lunch for the kids, then puts the baby down for a nap. She then does the laundry, ironing, and housework. Her mother, her sister and the 2 kids live together. When the baby was born, the mother supervised the care of the newborn and Gina learned how to care for a newborn from her mother. When her sister comes back from work, she takes over and Gina returns to her own home. She lives with her father and brother in another house.

Pets: no

Davao - Concorde

Gabrielle Ngoho


Gabrielle Ngoho is a 24 y.o. single lady with 1 younger sister. She wants to work in HK to help her family financially and have a good job for herself.

She is a high school graduate and has completed a 2 year course in computer and technology. She speaks English well.

Currently she is caring for her grandmother, who cannot walk without assistance. She gives her medicine every day, and accompanies her whenever she wants to go somewhere. Her younger sister and aunt will continue to care for her.

Jan 2016 - May 24, 2018: She worked in the Philippines as a domestic helper for a separated man, his 71 y.o. mother, and his 2 daughters, ages 2, 4 y.o. Her duties included waking at 5 a.m. preparing breakfast, caring for the 2 kids, doing the housework, handwashing the white clothes and uniforms. She did ironing, marketing, and cooking daily.

Newborn: no
Pets: ok