Charlot Lapasaran


Charlot Lapasaran is 38 year old single mother with 4 kids( b: 14,13, g:5,4)(2/8 siblings). She wants to work in HK to support her 4 kids. Her parents will care for her kids when she comes to HK.

She is high school graduate and speak English well.

7/2016-3/2019, she worked in UAE as a helper. There were 2 adults, and 2 kids ( newborn and 5yr). She mainly focused on newborn care.She was the one feeding the bb, gave bath, changing clothes and diaper.. There one other helper in the house who did the cleaning and washing. Sir did the cooking as he likes to cook.

Before UEA, she was a personal assistant in Philippines for a Dr. for 2 years.

Ref: sis in HK for over 2 yrs