Dorlita C. Mendoza


Dorlita C. Mendoza is a 42 years old. She is married with one daughter (17 yr).(2/7 siblings). Her husband is a counselor. She wants to work in HK to support her family’s financial needs.

She is college graduate in Computer Science. She speaks above average English.

2/2011-3/2018, she worked in Singapore as a caregiver to an elderly couple ( 83 and 89). Popo is bedridden and kong kong is kidney patient. She gave them bath, fed them, cleaned their house, help kong kong doing the dialysis. Her employer passed away.

2006-2008, she worked in Macau as a helper. There were 2 adults, and 1 kid ( 13 yr). She did washing, cleaning, marketing, ironing, cooking. She finished her contract.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend in fb, sis in law in HK for 3 yrs.