Floretess Nardo

floretess nardo.jpg

Floretess Nardo is a 27 y.o. single woman with 5 brothers and sisters. She is the eldest of 6 kids. She wants to experience another country and support her family at the same time, so she is applying to Hong Kong.

She completed a 2 year computer science vocational course. She speaks English well.

Sep 2016 - Dec 2018: She worked as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia for a family of 7: sir, madam and 5 adult children. Her responsibilities focused on cleaning and cooking, and caring for the 32 y.o. special needs child. The family had another helper who help with housework and laundry. Floretess' main duties focused on the kitchen. She finished her contract.

Before Saudi she worked in the Philippines in a factory and before that as a secretary.

Ref: her cousin
Pets: at home
Newborn: she took care of her neighbor's 1 y.o. baby for 6 months