Ginalyn Asgar


Ginalyn Asgar is a 37 y.o. married mother of a 4 y.o. girl. Her mother in law and husband are caring for her daughter. She wants to work in HK to earn money to help provide for the family. She has 1 brother and 2 sisters. She is the eldest.

She is a high school graduate and completed one year of hotel restaurant management vocational training. She speaks English very well.

Dec 7, 2016 - June 1, 2019: She has been working for a couple with a 5 y.o. girl. Her duties include caring for the daughter, preparing breakfast, getting her ready to go to school. She also does all the housework, laundry, ironing, marketing, and cooking. She washes the car and sometimes tutors the child. The family is emigrating to Canada on June 1, 2019. Ginalyn is willing to start work as soon as she has a working visa.

She likes pets and children. Is willing for either Saturday or Sunday off.

Jan 2011 - Jan 2013: She worked in Singapore for Singaporean working couple with 2 kids: young adult & high school student. Her duties focused mostly on cooking, cleaning, marketing, and laundry. There was another helper who shared the load for this 3 storey house. She finished her contract.

2006-2008: She worked in Kuwait for a couple with 4 kids: 19, 18, 14, 10 y.o. Her duties included caring for the 2nd child as a personal maid. She cleaned her room, accompanied her when she went out, etc. There were 10 helpers total. She finished the contract.

Ref: cousin,
Pets: ok
Newborn: can

Ginalyn wants to live with a family where she has her own room, Sunday holiday, and one child.