Jelyn Tacluban

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Jelyn Tacluban is a 27 y.o. single mother of a 4 y.o. son. Her mother cares for her son so that she can work overseas. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister and she is the eldest of the siblings. She wants to work in HK to try another country in Asia and earn a better salary.

She is a univ. graduate and has a BS in Business Administration. She speaks English well.

Feb 2017 - April 2019: She worked in Saudi Arabia for a professional couple with 2 kids: 4 y.o. girl, 1 month old bb boy. Her duties focused on caring for the 4 year old girl, cleaning the children's quarter, the living room, and doing the laundry. They also had a nanny for the baby boy, and a full time cook. The house was 2 storey house, with 3 bedrooms. The master suite was like a large hotel room. She finished her contract.

Before going to Saudi she stayed at home and cared for her son.

Ref: friend

Pets: cats and dog at home

Newborn: her own son, also assisted in Saudi.