Jennylyn Narido

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Jennylyn Narido is 34 years old. She is a single mother with 1 son ( 10 yr). She does not have any siblings. She wants to work in HK to support her son’s education. Her mother will care when she comes to HK.

She is high school graduate and speaks English well.

2016-2018, she worked in Saudi Arabia as a helper. There were 2 adults, madam works part time. They have 3 kids ( 9,7,4 - special need child,unable to walk). She did childcare, fed the kids, send them to school, cleaned the house, washing. She finished her contract.

2009-2014, she was a local helper in Philippine. She cared for 2 kids ( 5 and 10). She also did house cleaning, washing and cooking.

Rel: 7 day Adventist
Ref: friend in PI