Jerma Sales

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Jerma Sales is a 34 y.o. single mother (live in partner) of 7 kids: 14, 12, 9, 8, 6, 4, 9 months old. Her partner is caring for the youngest child and the 6 older kids are with her parents. She wants to work in HK to support her children. She has 8 brothers and sisters. She is 6/9 siblings.

She is a high school graduate and speaks English well.

Mar 2017 - present: She has been caring for the 2 kids (12, 9 y.o.) of her friend in the Philippines. Their mother was in Saudi, so Jerma lived with them and cared for them full time.

Aug 2014 - March 2017: She worked in Saudi Arabia for a couple with 6 kids: 12, 11, 8, 8, 5, 3 month old bb boy. The Sir had another wife in another house, but all the children lived with him. Her duties included cooking, childcare, laundry, ironing, and cleaning.. She was the only helper and did all the housework and childcare. She loves kids.

Before Saudi she was a full time housewife and mother.

Ref: Facebook
Pets: dogs at home
Newborn: loves newborns