Jesusa B. Francisco

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Jesusa B. Francisco is 31 years old, married with no kids. Her husband is a farmer. She wants to work in HK to support her parents and mother in law , and future to have kids.

She is High school graduate. She speaks above average English.

2016-2018: She worked as a local babysitter taking care of 2 kids ( 3 and 5 y.o. ) She fed them, played with them,. She also did washing and ironing .

2016, she was a local helper for 5 months. Her employer was Chinese. She took care of newborn. she gave her bath, bottle feeding. Her position in this employer was in shift duty, so sometimes need to work at night , sometimes work in the morning.

2010-2013: She worked in Lebanon as a helper. There were 3 adults. She did cleaning , gardening. washing and ironing. She did not required to cook. She finished the contract and went back to Philippines to get married.

“I work before in lebanon as a domestic helper,my daily routine when i was in lebanon is to clean the house inside and out,i clean the 3rooms 2bathroom 1 bakon every day... As a housewife my daily routine is to clean inside and out my house,i cooked and washing our clothes and also helping my husband to harvesting our corn...

Before i work in lebanon,i work in bakery for 1 year,and 1year in meatshop grocery.. 2014 i also work in pampanga as a helper for 1year... 2016 i work as nany to the new born baby for 5months.. 2016,2018 i work in makati as a helper,my daily rountine is to clean,cooked,washing clothes and ironing also taking care the 2kids 3years old ang 5 years old”

Ref: cousin in hk for 3 yrs, aunt in hk for 10 yrs