Joyce Canelas

joyce canelas.jpg

Joyce Canelas is a 29 year old single mother of 2 kids: 11b, 8g. Her mother cares for the kids so that Joyce can work overseas to support the family. She is 2/3 siblings. She has a twin sister.

She is high school graduate and speaks English well.

Aug 2016 - Sep 2018: She worked as a domestic helper in Kuwait for a working couple (gov worker and dr) with 3 kids: 18, 17, 14 y.o. Her duties included cooking, laundry, ironing, car wash, housework, and cooking. They had another helper who was the main cook. She finished her contract.

Before going to Kuwait she worked as a sewer in the Philippines.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend in HK
Pets: cat at home
Newborn: her own kids