Ma Concepcion Dela Fuente


Ma. Concepcion Dela Fuente is a 27 y.o. single woman (5/5 siblings) who wants to work in HK to earn a living for herself and to help her family.

She completed a 2 year vocational course in Computer Secretarial and speaks English well.

June 2018 to the present: She is working as factory worker for a motorcycle helmet factory.

March 2015 - Jan 2018: She worked in Saudi Arabia as a caregiver for a 7 y.o. boy who was born with birth defects in his intestinal system and could not speak. The child wore diapers, and she changed his diapers, bathed his wound, prepared his meals, helped him bath, etc. She also washed his clothes. The family of 7 (couple with 5 kids) had 3 helpers: 1 from Kenya and 1 from Ethiopia, along with Maricon. The other helpers cleaned the house and cooked. She finished her contract.
Rel: RC
Ref: cousin
Pets: no
Newborn: no