Melchazer Sarte

Melchazer S. Sartre.jpg

Melchazer Sarte is a 28 y.o. single woman with 6 sisters and 2 brothers, and is 7/8 siblings. She wants to work in HK because it is near to the Philippines.

She has completed a vocational degree in IT and speaks English well.

Nov 2016 - Nov 2018: She worked in Kuwait as domestic helper she worked for a two couples: an elder couple, their adult daughter, and their daughter and son-in-law. Her duties focused on cooking, housework, laundry, ironing. She finished the contract. They had another helper who shared the load equally.

Nov 2015 - Oct 2016: She worked in Kuwait for a couple with triplet. Her duties included infant care, feeding, changing, bathing the children. She focused exclusively for babies while 2 other helpers did the housework, etc. There were 3 nannies - one for each baby. When one of the helpers allowed a baby to play unsupervised, the baby fell down and cried. The madam blamed all the helpers and terminated them.

Rel: RC
ref: friend
pets: no