Rennes Sanipa


Rennes Sanipa is a 28 y.o. single woman. Her father has passed away and she is the youngest of six siblings. Because she is single she is the breadwinner and main support of her mother.

She has completed 2 years of university studying computer studies and speaks English well.

June 2014 - Dec 2018: She worked in Saudi Arabia for an elderly couple and their 20 y.o. daughter. Her duties focused on cleaning, laundry, ironing, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. The house had 8 rooms and she was the only helper, but some of the rooms were seldom used. She finished 2 contracts.

Before going to Saudi she worked in an electronics factory in Cavite, Philippines.

Ref: her cousin in HK, for 8 years

Pets: no

Newborns: Her employer's daughter stayed with them for a month after giving birth to a baby boy. During that time Rennes cared for the baby on a daily basis, changing diapers, and dressing the baby.