Virginia Orgas

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Virginia Orgas is a 30 y.o. married mother of 2 children: 12, 4 y.o. She has 6 brothers and 2 sisters. She is 8/9 siblings in her family. She wants to work in HK to support her children.

She is a high school graduate and speaks English well.

Dec 2013 - Feb 2015: She worked in Malaysia as a caregiver for a 87 y.o. man who suffered from acute diabetes and polio. He was bedridden. She bathed him, fed him, gave medicines, changed diapers, etc. The patient passed away in Feb 2015 and so the job ended.

She worked in the Philippines as a housekeeper and also in a construction company as office worker.

Ref: online
Pets: birds, cat
Newborn: her own children