Merlyn Dinero

Merlyn B. Dinero.jpg

Merlyn Dinero is a 35 y.o. single woman with 5 brothers and 4 sisters. She is 8/9 siblings. She wants to work in HK to help her family and save for her future.

She is a univ graduate with a BS in Community Development.

Aug 2016 - Sep 11, 2018: She worked in Singapore for a Chinese Malaysian couple with 2 kids: 9, 14 y.o. Her duties included getting up at 5:45, prepared breakfast, did laundry, housework, taking kids to the busstop, cooking lunch, housework, preparing dinner at night. The family moved to Malaysia which ended her employment.

Rel: Aglipay
Ref: neighbours
Pets: OK, dogs at home
Newborn: no experience

Rowena R. Lee

Rowena Lee.jpeg

Rowena Lee is a 41 y.o. married mother of 2 sons : 17 and 14 y.o.. Her husband is a vendor. She wants to work in HK to support her son’s education, and HK has higher salary.

She took 2 yr college course in Computer Secretary and speaks English well.

2017- present: She has been working as a local nanny, caring for a 5 yr old kid. She gets him ready and off to school, prepares his lunch and evening meals, bathes him, helps with his homework and plays with him.

2014-2017: She worked in Singapore caring for an 86 y.o. grandmother who was confined to a wheelchair. She took her to the park, fed her, did the cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. The job ended when her employer passed away.

2001-2006: She cared for an elderly grandmother in the Philippines, feeding her, bathing her, administered meds, etc. using NGT (gastric tube) with medicine

She also worked in a bank for 6 months in Philippines

Pets: ok
Newborn: her own kids

Brendalyn Madre

Brendalyn Madre.jpg

Brendalyn Madre is a 36 y.o. married mother of 2 kids: 16, 18 y.o. She needs to continue working in HK so her kids can finish university. She has 1 brother and 1 sister and is the middle kid.

She is a high school graduate and speaks English well.

Recently Brenda found a new employer on her own, but broke the contract after a short time because of extremely long work hours with no rest periods. Because of her previous good record with Arrow we think she will be a good helper for our clients.

9/2017 - 8-2019: She worked in HK(Ma Wan) for a Japanese couple with twin 3 y.o. daughters. Her duties include childcare, get the children ready and off to school, picking them up, doing the housework, laundry, ironing. Her main duties are childcare. She finished her contract.

2016- 2017: She worked in HK for a Chinese family in N. Point. She cared for a 68 y.o. man who needed assistance when he went to the office, got ready for bed, etc. She did the housework, laundry, ironing, and cooking. She didn't finish the contract because she developed an abcess on her foot and returned to the philippines for treatment.

2009 - 2013: She worked in Singapore for a couple with 2 kids: 2,4 y.o. Her duties included childcare, housework, laundry, ironing, marketing, and cooking. She finished 2 contracts.

Ref: Arrow lady
Newborn: OK
Pets: no