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Common Infant and Child Diseases, Nursing Care, Home Safety for Newborn and Children 初生嬰幼兒常見疾病、家居常見意外及護理 (英語教授)(Course Code 課程編號:EE20170523b)

"Personally I found the course packed with useful information. I like how each condition was presented in details (symptom, causes and prevention) and you had taken one step further by suggesting what actions should be taken when a condition arise.

Your expertise in these conditions made it easy to explain such complicated topic to care-takers coming from different backgrounds.

Thanks for the training! Now I feel confident to handle these conditions should they arise because I know how they looks like and how to deal with them. " Feedback from Mr. Ma, who attended the class with his domestic helper.

You/Your Helper will learn:

Common diseases, e.g. diaper rash, fever, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting and care; medications, home safety, accidents Prevention on: Fall, choking, poisoning, burn and scald.

Eventbrite -  Infant Care Workshop for helpers 初生嬰兒護理實習班 (英語教授) (Course no. EE20170523a)