I found my own employer, what do I do?

If you have found your own employer, congratulations! This is what we call direct hire. Please ask your employer to contact our office to begin the process of hiring you directly. 

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You may be asked to do a medical to demonstrate that you are "fit to work" before your employer signs contracts. All other costs, including a 2nd medical, are borne by the employer. 

Please report to MRH Global Personnel Services INC. to sign contracts, and complete documentation to apply for a HK work visa. You will need to bring:

  • your passports: new (passport must be valid for 2 years) and old 
  • HKID if ex Hong Kong
  • Your copy of past contracts if ex-Hong Kong

The contract and other documents will be sent to Arrow Employment Services in Hong Kong. After your employer signs them, we will begin processing your visa application. 

Please carefully follow all instructions from MRH Global, or your application could be delayed.