We often hear employers say they want to hire a good helper. In fact, domestic helpers also long to have a good employer. Every week before the Sunday Service, the Filipino helpers (sisters in Christ) in the Jubilee International Filipino Fellowship share and witness the grace of God. A lot of helpers thank God for giving them good employers. Below are some items we usually hear from their sharing. I hope you can find yourself having at least one of these, if not all of these "good boss" characteristics. 

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我們經常聽到僱主說,他們想聘請一個好傭工。事實上,每位外籍家庭傭工也十分渴望遇到一位良好的僱主。在銀禧國際教會(Jubilee International Filipino Fellowship) 每週的主日崇拜開始前,都會有部份菲律賓傭工(在基督裡的姐妹),見證神的恩典。我們經常會聽到菲傭感謝上帝給他們好僱主。從他們的分享中,我希望你可以找到自己擁有至少一個(如果不是全部)好僱主的特質,並正運用它(它們)來管理您的菲傭:


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