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Carmela Cadiz


Carmela Cadiz is a 36 y.o. married mother of 3 kids: 15 yrs girl, 10 yrs boy and 4 yrs boy. Her husband is a waiter.Carmela wants to work in HK to earn money for the future of the kids. If she will work in HK, her mother-in-law and husband will take care of the kids.

She is a high school graduate and speaks average English .

Sep. 2014-July 2017 Carmela worked in Saudi for a working couple expecting their first baby . When Carmela left, the baby boy was 8 months old. Her duty: cooking, washing clothes and ironing, and baby care. She can cook some Arabic food. Carmela does not renew contract as the salary there is low.

2003-2014 full time housewife taking care of her children and family. 

2000-2003 she worked as sales lady.

Carmela feels confident In: 1 housework, 2 newborn and child care, 3 cooking and 4 pet care.

Religion: Catholic
Ref: FB
Pet care: she takes care of 1 dog 1 cat at home
Newborn: Carmela is willing to take care of new born

Carmela has 1 sister working in HK.

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