Chona S. Los-ang

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Chona S. Los-ang


Chona S. Los-ang is 27 year old single lady. (5/5 siblings). She wants to work in HK to support herself and save for her own future.

She is college graduate BS in Development communication. She speaks English well.

10/2014-10/2016,  she worked in  Kuwait as a helper. There were 7 member in the family.  Madam is stay home wife. She did house cleaning, ironing, laundry, caring kids ( 4 , 8 and 11).  She worked with another helper in the house who did the cooking. 

She worked at a  Korean restaurant for 2 months in 2014. She was a saleslady for 4 months. 

Rel : RC
Pets: ok
Ref: cousin in HK for 4 yrs
Newborn: no

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