Maribel Palaming

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Maribel Palaming


Maribel C. Palaming is a 39 y.o. married with 2 children aged 17, 16, 1 boy 1 girl. She is 1/5 siblings. Her husband will take care of the kids if she will work in HK. Maribel wants to support the finance of her family and the kids.

Maribel  is a high school graduate, her spoken English is between average to good.

Apr 2011 - July 2017: She worked in Kuwait, in a family with 9 people, a couple with 7 adult children. They had 3 Helpers. Her duty: cooking, cleaning, housework.

2002 full-time housewife, took care of her children and took care of her mother with asthma, brought her to medical check-up regularly. 

1997-2002 worked in an electronic company(she forgets which months started and ended the work)

She is confident in: 1 cooking; 2 cleaning; 3 baby and childcare (5 months or above) 4 housework

Rel: Catholic
Ref: Friend
She has many friends working in HK.
Maribel has 2 dogs 1 cat

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