Maricel Conde

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Maricel Conde


Maricel Conde is a 29 y.o. single woman (7/7 siblings) who wants to work in HK to support her family, especially her mother. 

She  completed 1.5 years of college and speaks English well.

2015 - present she has been helping her mother in their Sari Sari store.

Nov 2012 - Aug 2015 She worked in Kuwait as a domestic helper for a working couple (army/teacher) with 5 kids: 15,12,10,3 & 1 y.o. When she arrived the 4th child was only 7 months old. Later on the madam had a 5th child. She cared for the children, bathing them daily, feeding them, changing them. She also cleaned the house. There was a 2nd helper who did the cooking and ironing.  Maricel took the older kids to school. When Maricel was out of the house with the older kids, the other helper would watch the babies, but most of the time Maricel was responsible for the infants. 

She feels confident in her newborn care skills. 

Rel: Christian, Baptist
Ref: friend
Pets: no
Newborn: Kuwait, 2 children  

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