Kazandrah Antonette S. Abrillo

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Kazandrah Antonette S. Abrillo


Kazandrah Antonette S. Abrillo is 34 years old. She is a  single mother with 3 kids (g: 12, 10, b: 7) (  8/8  ). Her husband is seaman. Her husband will care for her kids when she comes to HK. She wants to work in HK since it's closer to Philippines and has higher salary.

She took vocational course F&B and computer technology. She speaks English well.

2014-2016, she worked in Qatar as a helper. There were 5 people including 2 kids ( 15 and 12). She did some cooking Arabic foods when madam did not cook, ironing, laundry, sometimes care the elderly woman ( 70+) who has Alzheimer. She reminds her medicine, took her to hospital check up. 
She finished the contract and went back to Philippines.

Before Qatar , she was a local helper to a Chinese family. There were 2 adults. She did cleaning ,laundry, not required to cook for 6 months.

Since April 2017, she works at Chines family as a helper. There were 2 adults and 1 newborn expecting this year. she does the cleaning and laundry.

After she gave birth to her own kids, she and mother in law cared for them. 

Rel: Catholic
Pets: ok
Ref: friend in HK for 3 weeks.

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