How We Work

At Arrow we reduce the high turnover of helpers through careful screening of applicants. 

Careful Screening of Applicants

Screening Interview

Every week we interview Filipino applicants from all over the world who want to work in Hong Kong. We are actively looking for individuals who we believe can successfully adapt to life in Hong Kong, serve HK families well, and finish their contracts. 

Qualities we are looking for:

  • Character Honest, caring, and not a quitter
  • Competency - Can do the job and learn to meet the employer's expectations within 3 months
  • Communication - Competent in English and good listening and communication skills

In addition to the above, we also look for applicants with a history of finished contracts overseas, who have experience in caring for newborn babies.

Medical Screening

After an applicant has passed her interview with Arrow staff she is immediately sent to do a "fit to work" medical exam at a POEA licensed clinic in the Philippines. The medical exam reports are sent to our Arrow office and reviewed by an RN. Applicants sign a release allowing us to reveal and share their medicals with prospective employers for the purpose of seeking employment only.

After passing the medical, applicants are then allowed to attend Arrow training. They then complete a 2nd medical when their working visa has been issued by Hong Kong Immigration.

Arrow Training

Arrow training is designed to help prepare helpers to cope with the pressure of living and working in Hong Kong. Our training is conducted in a licensed training center in the Philippines where caring staff teach and supervise the trainees. Training modules include infant care, Chinese cooking, cleaning, HK culture & work conditions, how to operate modern appliances, and seminars on dealing with culture shock, and homesickness.  Trainees are given a chance to practice what they learn. Our Trainer in the Philippines worked in HK for more than 15 years, speaks Cantonese and understands what it takes to succeed in Hong Kong.

Although the 6-day training is demanding, the atmosphere is positive. Many of our trainees make close friends and are encouraged by the support they receive. One of our trainees said, "I'm so amazed, Arrow really cares about us." We train them well, because we want them to succeed and to serve you well.  We continue the training after they arrive in HK with 4 weeks of New Arrival Classes. 

  • Employer education
  • Follow up classes for helpers
  • Follow up services for employers & helpers

Employer Education

Arrow Employer Orientation is a 2-hour workshop where customers learn how to manage a worker from a Philippines cultural background. Customers who attend the workshop have fewer difficulties with their helpers and are less likely to have their helper resign, than those who don't attend.

Follow up Classes for Helpers

Post-Arrival Briefing

Before we bring a helper to your home, we give her a 2-hour briefing. Our goal is to remind her of things she has learned during orientation in the Philippines and to help her get off to a good start serving your family. 

Success Classes ("Tagumpay" Classes)

All Arrow ladies are encouraged to attend our 4-week new arrival course "Tagumpay", (which means "success" in Tagalog). There are four classes: 1. Adjusting to Hong Kong 2. Overcoming Home-sickness 3. How to Handle Stress 4. Basic Money Management. 

These classes are important, because the support and encouragement they receive in the first few months will help them adjust and not give up. These classes are offered on Saturdays & Sundays.

Continuing Helper Education
Arrow also provides:
          - Infant Care Workshop for Helpers
          - Child Safety 101
          - Child Safety 201

Follow up Services for Employers & Helpers

Living and working with a stranger from another country, culture and language is incredibly challenging. For this reason Arrow has full time staff whose only job is to help employers and helpers successfully adjust to one another.  Employers who are having difficulty managing their new helpers can call or Whatsapp our staff and we will do our best to help them work through the problem, including face to face conflict resolution conferences. These services are available to you for the full 2 years of your contract. We also have staff in the office on Sunday to meet with and coach helpers, often at the request of employers. Please take advantage of our services.