Infant Care training for Helpers

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You prepared well for your baby. You hired a mid-wife, purchased quality baby furniture and essentials. You have gone to great lengths to make sure your home is "baby safe". What about your helper? Your helper is a loving responsible person with kids of her own, but she doesn't understand our Hong Kong way of baby care. Our climate and environment is different from the Philippines. Your helper needs some additional training to rise up to the HK standards. Send her to Arrow's Infant Care Workshop for Helpers and we'll help get her ready to care for your child.

Instructor Kathy Lam- Infant Care Trainer, Registered Nurse, Certificated Baby Massage Instructor)

1 Lesson, 4.5 hrs + 0.5 hour lunch Time

Students will learn: *theory, demonstration, practice and notes on baby bath, bottle feeding, facial care, mouth care, how to change diaper,Umbilical cord care, first year nutrition, common reasons for baby crying and care.