Find the right helper for your needs.


Here at Arrow, we arrange for you to personally interview qualified applicants. Most of our applicants are in the Philippines, but we sometimes have applicants who are here in Hong Kong. You can interview from the comfort of your home using Skype™ or come to our office and we will assist you in asking questions and evaluating the responses of the candidates.  If you find a suitable helper you can immediately complete the paperwork and we'll start your application. 

+ Setting up and Using Skype

For a complete, detailed guide on setting up Skype for any platform, visit their Support Page.

+ Decision to Hire

How do you decide which applicant to hire? Here are 4 areas to take into consideration as you make your decision:

  1. Key abilities/skill/experience: What are your top priorites? (newborn care, childcare, cooking, housework, eldercare, laundry, petcare?) Which applicants best demonstrated that she has the ability you need in that area?

  2. Risk factors/motivation: How strong is their home support system? Who is caring for their children or elderly parents? What if something happens to that person? Why do they need to work in HK? How motivated do they seem?

  3. Family input and communication: What do your family members think about this person? Have you shared information about them with elders? Including elders in the interview process can lessen problems with them and the helper later on. Can you understand each other's English? If you can hardly understand the applicant's English, do not assume you can understand each other more in daily life.

  4. Personality/Fit: The helper not only works FOR you, she lives WITH you 24/7. Is this someone you can envision yourself living with for the next 2 years? Is her personality compatible with yours or key members of your family?

  5. Once you find a good fit - hire her. There is no perfect fit, and after your helper arrives both of you will need to adjust, change and grow in your roles.