How we work

+ Careful Screening of Applicants

Every week we conduct interviews with applicants wanting to work in Hong Kong. We are actively looking for those who we believe can successfully adapt to life in Hong Kong, serve your family well and finish their contracts.

+ Applicant Training

Applicants who pass their interviews are then sent for a medical to show they are fit to work and attend Arrow's 6-day training in the Philippines. Our training is designed to prepare them mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the hardship of a helper's life in Hong Kong.

+ Employer Education

Arrow Employer Orientation is a 2-hour workshop where customers learn how to manage a worker from a Philippines cultural background. Customers who attend the workshop have far fewer difficulties with their helpers and a much lower resignation rate than those who don't attend. Click here for more Employer Resources.

+ Follow-up Classes for Helpers

All Arrow ladies are encouraged to attend our 4-week New Arrival Course "Tagumpay". In the Tagumpay classes, they learn how to cope with home sickness, culture shock, negative emotions like self pity and we also start them planning a budget. The support and encouragement they receive in the first few months will help them adjust and not give up. Arrow ladies are regularly invited to seminars covering a large range of topics from managing money to maintaining strong families, etc. Click here for more Helper resources.

+ Follow-up Services for Employers and Helpers

In partnership with UBaby, Arrow regularly offers classes on breast-feeding, infant care, common infant & child diseases, care, home safety & simple first aid, and how to hire a helper. We provide follow up services to help employers who are having difficulty managing or dealing with new helpers. Our New Employer Orientation lays the foundation for a good relationship with your helper, but when you have difficulty our customers can call us and we will do our best to help them work through the problem, including face to face conflict resolution conferences.