Break Contract


If you are in Hong Kong and are "break contract" (been terminated or resigned) call our office 2151-1125. 

We refer most "break contracts" to Galilee Employment Service Company, a licensed branch of Arrow Employment Services. Ma'am Rebecca and Cindy loves to serve helpers who have lost their jobs in Hong Kong. They are "re-deployment experts". 

Galilee Employment Service Company
Room 2102D, 21/F, Nan Fung Centre,  Tsuen Wan MTR exit A
Phone: 2331-3096; What'sapp / Viber: 90122639

Galilee website  |  Facebook page

+ Warnings

Including the day you "go down" from your employer, you have 14 days to stay in Hong Kong and find a new employer. Do not overstay your visa! If you need more time you can apply to the Immigration department and get a 3 day extension, but overstaying may jeopardize your chances of ever working in Hong Kong again.

Go and visit more agencies, but watch out for agencies that ask you for "up front money" or who want to send you to Macau. If you go to Macau to await a visa, it is likely that you will not be allowed to work more than 1 contract in Hong Kong. When you renew or go home for annual leave, the Immigration department will realize that you exited to Macau and they may decide that you cannot enter Hong Kong any longer.

+ Thinking about breaking contract?

Are you thinking about breaking your contract? Here are some things to consider:

It costs employers around HK $10,000 to hire a helper. If you were going to invest $10,000 to hire someone, would you take a chance on someone who broke their contract in less than 6 months? Probably not! Most HK employers do NOT want to consider applicants who have broken contracts. For them it is too risky an investment. So before you write that resignation letter, pay attention to these do's and don't's:


RESIGN YOUR JOB UNLESS YOU HAVE ANOTHER JOB ALREADY LINED UP. The Chinese have a saying "Ride the ox while you are looking for the horse". Don't give up the ox (your current job) until you have the horse (new employer).
Invite your employer to fire you. The words "If you don't like me, why don't you just fire me?" should NEVER come out of your mouth. That is a BIG insult to a Chinese employer. Believe it or not, they want you to finish your contract! They also want you to improve your performance.
Quit or resign when you have strong emotions. Don't make decisions in the heat of the moment. Wait until you feel calm and think things through. Remember the people back home who are counting on your financial support.

Define the problem. What is the main issue you are having? Food? Rest? Too much negative feedback? If you could change just one thing about your employment situation, what would you like to change?
Think about what you want to say to your employer and Write down your concerns on paper.
Ask them for an appointment to talk. "Sir, Ma'am when you have a few minutes can we sit down and talk?"
When you sit down together begin by saying, "Thank you for hiring me. I value this job and I want to finish my contract... BUT I am worried that I won't be able to finish my contract BECAUSE ... (List your issues: I'm not getting enough rest, I don't have a full day off, I don't have enough to eat, etc.")
Tell them "I hope you can help me resolve these issues so that I can finish my contract." Then give them some time to think things over and solve the problem. Employers like to solve problems and they want you to finish the contract. If after another month, nothing changes then start looking for a new employer.
Ask for advice. Even if you are not an Arrow lady, we will be happy to give you a free consultation and coach you on how to improve your relationship with your employer.

+ Already broke contract?

"I've already broken my contract, what should I do?"

If you've already broken your contract we recommend that you go straight to Galilee Employment Services and register. They are "redeployment specialists" and are a licensed branch of Arrow Employment Services. Follow their guidance and you'll have a good chance of working again in Hong Kong.

+ Cost

If you find work through Galilee Employment Service Company, you'll be required to return to the Philippines, undergo a "fit to work" medical, await your visa, and process your OEC.

After you return to Hong Kong and receive your first salary, you will pay Galilee their 10% one time commission of $420. All other costs are borne by your employer.