They treated us like commodities

'They treated us like commodities' -, Philippine News for Filipinos

THERE is a popular joke among Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong and author Nicole Constable retells it in her book, "Maid to Order in Hong Kong (2007)." A Filipina domestic helper arrives in Hong Kong at the home of her new employer who says to her, "We want to treat you as a member of the family."

The domestic helper is happy to hear this, but on Sunday, her employer says to her, "You must work before you leave the house and you must come home in time to cook dinner for the family."

"But sir, ma'am, I would like to eat with my friends today, because it is my day off," says the helper.

"But you are a member of the family," says her employer, "and because you are member of the family, you must eat with us."

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