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Arrow Family Album

Copy_of_dsc01608 Show off your kids! I've started an Arrow Family Photo album.  My problem is: "I don't have any pictures. If you have an Arrow helper, please send me a picture of your helper with your kids, the whole family, whatever. We'd love to post them on our website.


Help with 7 year old boys

My grandson is 7 years old and attends a local Chinese school. Sometimes the pressure of helping him/forcing him to do his homework is enough to drive us crazy. Of all our customers, it seems that those with 6,7 & 8 year old boys are under the greatest stress. If you know of any good parent forums for children this age, please let me know. I found one in English (http://www.conductdisorders.com/), but would love to find one in Chinese.  Hong Kong Character City 香港有品 also has some great resources for families. Check it out!  Thanks for your help.

Jubilee Center Grand Opening March 23, 2008


Easter Sunday, 2008: Jubilee Center in Lek Yuen Estate will celebrate its grand opening! Rev. Reynaldo Avante, his wife and a delegation from Capital City Baptist Church will be joining us as our Chinese and Filipino congregations together celebrate our new beginning.

Jubilee Center will be open 7 days a week to serve  both Hong Kong youth and Filipino domestic helpers.   Facilities will include a coffee bar, Internet access, quiet areas for reading and study, as well as places to relax and rest. 

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Allan & Ione Smith