Arrow 迎新日:新申請人 Arrow Orientation: New Candidates

Arrow 迎新日將於九月二十二日至十月三日於菲律賓舉行。我們將會接見超過60位新申請人,並進行面試。我們將不斷更新我們的網頁,請密切留意!我們會提供大量新申請人供您選擇,有些更有在香港和新加坡的工作經驗。我們能為您進行「視像通話面試」,因此您將能看見並親身對您心怡的家傭進行面試。現階段,我們依然有一些優秀的申請人在網頁上仍然待聘。但若然她們不是您的「心水」,您亦可完成Arrow的"問卷調查”。我們會盡我們所能為您挑選適合您的家傭。

September 22 - October 3 we will be conducting Arrow Orientation in the Philippines. We will be orienting and interviewing more than 60 new candidates. We will constantly update our website, so STAY TUNED! We will have many new candidates to choose from, some with experience in Hong Kong and Singapore. We will have the ability to do webcam interviews, so you can see and personally interview potential employees. We still have some very good candidates on our website who have not yet been hired, but if they don't fit your needs, then complete our questionnaire and we will do our best to find you a helper suitable for your needs.