Remarkable Wisdom

A young man came into my office today to sign a contract to hire a helper to care for his new baby. What was remarkable was:

 He is hiring a woman over 40 years old, and is enthuiastic about her abilities and maturity.

  1. He told his current 24 y.o. helper that he will terminate her. The young helper immediately began to smile, and the relief she felt was evident. The employer told her that he will do what he can to  help find a better situation, one that fits her abilities. With his support, the young lady already has some prospects. She is happy and will stay with the family up until the new helper arrives. 

  There are no perfect fits, and most helpers, given a fair chance, can learn your ways and fulfill your requirements. If you've given her a fair chance, and she still can't work to standard, then perhaps your helper is a bad fit for you. In that case, it is not a crime to change to another helper. If you need to do so, there is no need to keep it secret. I have had helpers tell me "I saw some profiles on their computer, so I had a good idea they were going to terminate me. It's actually a relief." If you are a "square peg in a round hole" helper, you will know that you are not the right fit for the job, and you will feel out of place. So why not just tell the helper, give them your support, and let them find a situation better suited to their abilities and personalities.