Scores have been added to the Helper Profiles

我們在菲律賓的訓練已經完成了, 所有受訓者的資料已經上載到網頁。如果你想查看受訓者的成績, 可以按一下「繼續閱讀 ...」你將看到那些受訓者的成績。

我和我的妻子 Ione明天將在前往印度(返回星期五),但是別擔心,我們的辦公室是不會關閉的, 並準備安排與任何你感興趣的家傭進行面試。你也可以透過電子郵件與我聯絡,除了在飛機上或在進行會議中。


祝大家有一個愉快的星期!  Allan

We have completed our training in the Philippines and all the profiles are updated. If you want to see the scores click on the section "continue reading..." and you will see the scores for any individual you might be interested in.  

My wife Ione and I will be travelling to India tomorrow (return on Friday), but don't worry, the Arrow office will be open and ready to arrange interview with any candidate you might be interested in. I'll also be available via email, except when 1) on the plane or 2) in a meeting. 

Have a great week!    Allan